Coronavirus Precautions

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Precautions

man standing on prague charles bridge wearing face mask
That’s me on a fairly deserted Charles Bridge in April 2020 on a Thursday lunchtime

Thanks for taking the time to read this as it means you are still planning on visiting Prague and you’re interested in exploring the city with a guide. It’s a difficult time so for the foreseeable future the following practices will be observed:

1) Any bookings made will have normal cancellation terms i.e. you give me at least a week notice of cancellation and you get a full refund.

2) I already run “small group” tours so that won’t change but with a group of 6 I will remind people to try and maintain distance. I am Covid-19 vaccinated and boosted but I do not require you to show me your vaccine status.

3) Some venues and services may enforce Covid-19 restrictions so you are advised to carry an KN95 or an FFP2 respirator to use where needed. You’ll find these for sale all over the city for @CZK20.

4) A shop/restaurant has the right to enforce a “maximum number of people in the venue” or “maximum number of people seated at a table” which may limit access to cafes/restaurants etc.

5) If you intend staying in a cafe/restaurant then that venue has the right to ask you to wear a mask and they have the right to ask for your vaccination status using either an electronic device or paper which has your name and “vaccinated” status. Once served, you are allowed to remove the face protection. In practice, cafes and restaurants are not asking for masks or vaccine status since March 2022.

6) I will try and keep two metres distance and not wear a face mask. However if anybody on the tour requires me to wear a face mask then I’m ok with that and it will be an FFP2 respirator. Currently the city requires all people wear face protection only inside medical facilities and on public transport. It does not apply to outside on the street, squares, alleyways or passages. This may become voluntary in the future but at the time of the tour it is your responsibility to cover your mouth and nose as required. A KN95 or FFP2 anti-particle respirator is recommended. Note that this means you’ll need a face covering if you book the City Walking Tour as that includes a tram trip.

7) I will provide hand-sanitiser for those who want it.

8) It’s up to you whether we shake hands. Otherwise its a cup-hand greeting or arm bump.

The country continuously updates its Travel Restrictions and Guidelines so check that out. Up to date Czech Covid-19 Statistics can be found at https://onemocneni-aktualne.mzcr.cz/covid-19. I hope you understand that these are simple precautions and should not affect your enjoyment of the tours but if you have any questions then simply Contact Me.