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From January 2018 it will be possible for Travel Agents or any Third Party individual wishing to book tours, to access the tour booking system under their own login. After creation of your Travel Agency or Third Party, you will be able to:

  • Manage overall Agency Bookings
  • Manage bookings at agent level
  • Have the ability to book using Agency OR Client credit card
  • Generate sales reports
  • Access customer services for booking changes
  • Receive 10% in booking commissions even if I increase prices later
  • Optional tracked Affiliate Sales embedded HTML URL link

Just contact me if you’re interested, I’ll give you some simple instructions, get you set up and start earning a commission as well as providing high quality tour experiences to your clients.

Currently I can only accept a credit card payment. Online, this is done using a “Bank” level secure booking link. If you do not want to use the online service then you’ll need to call the necessary toll-free support number listed on the Contact page and give your details over the phone.

All the scheduled 2.5 hour tours are between 4km and 4.5km (that’s about 2.5 miles) or in steps it should be around 9000.

Private tours taking in extra attractions will be based on the route required. Generally they can be up to 6.5km (4 miles) but will have the opportunity for breaks as required.

This is not a route march. We take things at an easy walking pace.

Just your enthusiasm and desire to learn about the city!!

Also, I’ll need some credit card details, an email address and a mobile phone number if possible. The email is so that you can receive the confirmation, meeting point details and tour reminders. The mobile phone number allows an “on-the-day” sms which contains the meeting point address etc and also allows me to contact you on the day if you have not made it to the meeting point on-time.

Yes, after booking you’ll receive an email from livingprague which will contain confirmation of the booked tour plus specific meeting point details including address, map, photos and directions. You’ll have my email address and phone number as well.

After making a booking you will receive an email confirmation. This will contain the meeting point details specific to that tour including address, map and photos. We will be at the meeting point before the start time. If you have trouble finding the meeting point or expect to be late then you will have the local telephone number for the guide.

You will recognise the guide either by the photo sent in the confirmation email, reminder email or “LivingPragueTours” photo ID being worn by the guide.

As well as your phone/camera, you should bring with you a bottle of water. In hot weather or if there is a chance of rain then a compact umbrella. When it’s really hot, we recommend an application of sunscreen on exposed parts of the body, cap/hat and a lightweight pair of sunglasses. In a Prague winter (Nov-Feb) consider thermal leggings or at least thermal socks/gloves and a hat which covers the ears.

Remember that if you do not have a data connection you may not be able to access email so consider printing the directions to the meeting point.

We prefer to begin a scheduled tour promptly at the start time to fit everything in but there is a 10 minute window where you can still join the tour although you will need to phone the guide (the number is in the confirmation email). After this 10 minute window we cannot guarantee joining the tour as the guide will be presenting.

If it’s a private tour then the start is delayed until your arrival but the content of the tour may be adjusted to the available time. In this case please call the guide using the number in the confirmation email.

Oh yes!! Many previous clients have kindly taken the time to leave a review for fellow travellers. In the post-tour email you will receive my thanks for attending the tour and a link to the TripAdvisor page. You can also read the current TripAdvisor reviews.

Any scheduled tour can be converted to a private tour so long as nobody else has already booked places. Scheduled tours are usually finished by 3pm so private tours after this time would also be available. You can also by a consecutive block of time i.e. 4, 5 or 6 hours or arrange tours on different days. See the Private Tour Options or Contact Me with your request.

We make every attempt to reschedule or add tour dates/times as required however, I use Ticket Guardian which is an optional tour insurance.

This is “opt-out” meaning that you are covered for the main reasons for cancelling a tour i.e. transport delays (flights), sudden sickness, hospitalisation or other serious injury to you or family member that prevents you from attending unless you deselect the insurance. If you include the insurance premium you can cancel the tour even up to the start time and claim the full cost back through Ticket Guardian with the supporting paperwork. For injury and sickness claims you’ll need a local doctors report etc. Insurance details at https://www.ticketguardian.net/standard-protection-tc


There are three types of tickets:

  • General Admission (18 Euros). This is the standard ticket for people who want to join a scheduled small group tour.
  • Reserved (80 Euros). Buying this must be agreed with me first. This is the price for a private 3 hour tour and if somebody wants a private 2.5 hour tour then they would buy this ticket and use a 15% discount code. Contact Me to set this up.
  • VIP Pass (160 Euros). Buying this must be agreed with me first. This is the option for somebody who wants two separate private tours or a consecutive tour time of 6 hours. For groups larger than 6 people, you will buy this ticket and I will give you a discount code to arrive at the agreed price.  Contact Me to set this up.

No. Even if only one person has booked a tour, scheduled or private, it will still be run.

Each tour will have a selection of Prague’s most famous attractions included but the actual content depends on the area being explored. Weather and local city restrictions may alter the route but rest assured that every tour is full of picturesque, interesting and fun features that will be explained by your guide.

Yes. Children from birth up to the age of 14 are welcome. The only exception is the Czech Pubs and Tapas tour where I make it clear that this is largely in a pub environment. I try to give family discounts where I can but if you think you’ll need additional breaks for young children then consider the private tour options. As a comparison a family of 4 with two children under 15 buying scheduled tickets would cost 36 Euros (adults) + 28 Euros (children) so a total of 64 Euros. I offer private tours from 68 Euros so just bit more expensive but totally flexible so worth considering if it’s available. Just Contact Me and I can give the necessary discount code for you to use during the booking process.

A scheduled tour is limited to 6 places which gives us time and space to enjoy the city. If there are more than 6 on your group then check my Private Tour Options. I give a group discount (up to 12 people) so it will work out at around the same price as buying 6 single tickets and you have the tour all to yourselves. I do point out that the bigger the group the less options there are for getting off the beaten path.

Flexibility and privacy. We agree the route as required, the duration of the tour and take breaks as required. If you want to look in a shop or take more time at a particular place then it’s no problem. Unlike a scheduled tour we’ll wait at the meeting point even if you are late (but please try and telephone the guide if that is the case). For more details check the Private Tour Options.

On a private tour then breaks are taken as required. On a scheduled tour there are no breaks planned in the route but if everybody on the tour agrees then we can stop although this will reduce the scope of the tour.

Depending on the tour and weather conditions we may go into any buildings with free entry. On a scheduled tour we do not go into any Synagogues as this requires the Jewish Museum Ticket. We do not go into the Prague Castle historic buildings as this requires the Prague Castle entry pass.

A private tour can go into buildings with free entry and can be set up to include the price for building entry as required and any additional time required.

If you have a specific requirement then Contact Me for tour options.

No. Currently we do not offer a transport service but if you need more detail on how to get to the meeting point either by walking or using public transport then feel free to contact us.

This used to be a “private tour add-on” but is now included in the Prague City Walking Tour as standard. We explore the public areas of the Prague Castle i.e. the courtyards and south gardens (summer only) where I’ll explain the history of the Castle and some of it’s stranger/funnier moments. We don’t go into any of the historic buildings but I will be giving you lots of tips on how best to explore the Castle if you want to come back. To properly explore Prague Castle you will need about 3-4 hours so consider my tour as an introduction.

The tours are held rain, shine, or snow. In the event of inclement weather, the tour will be adapted to make use of covered areas and attractions. However, we advise that you check the weather conditions for your days event and dress appropriately. On especially cold days then a “warm-up” break can be included if all clients on the tour agree.

The tours begin and end in the centre of the city. If you do elect to drive into town then the two closest public car parks are at the Rudolfinum and the Palladium Shopping Centre. Contact me if you need further details.

During the booking process if you can enter a valid mobile phone contact number then you will receive a reminder SMS on the day of the tour and it gives us the possibility of contacting you should the need arise. If not then please make sure that you have the meeting point details/directions and that you are on-time.

Yes, advance ticket purchase is required. Scheduled events typically sell out quickly as they are limited to 6 places. To maximize your chances of getting the date, time, and number of tickets you prefer, please book well in advance. Alternatively, Contact Me or check the Private Tour Options.

You’ll find the tours are great value for money but if we have exceeded your expectation then gratuities are greatly appreciated, although not mandatory.

Yes, bathroom facilities are available during the tours. These may be both private or public so bring some small change just in case.

The centre of Prague is cobble stoned and not exactly “wheelchair friendly”. The Old Town and Jewish Quarter and Christmas Markets tour routes can be adapted for wheelchair users but not the City Walking Tour.

If you feel that your pace is slower than average then consider the Private Tour Options where you will have both time and route flexibility.

At this time, we do not offer tours in any other languages except English.

We absolutely do! Tours can be bought for corporate clients.

We specialise in small-group tours but if a larger group would like the tour then a route can be adapted although we do stress that the larger the group, the less “off the beaten path” options are available. In this case please Contact Me for private tour options.

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