Czech Food and Beer Tasting

Czech Food and Beer Tasting Walking Tour

flight of beer on a wooden table

Czech Food and Beer Tasting Basic Information

Just a nice informative wander through the Jewish Quarter and Old Town with a selection of food and drink included.

  • 2.5 Hours Duration
  • Native English Presentation
  • Maximum 6 People
  • Food and Drink Included (Over 18 if Alcohol is required)
  • Old Town and Jewish Quarter Route
  • Tickets are CZK895 including tour, food and drink

COVID-19 Update: Due to restaurant and bar restrictions please check the calendar below for the available dates. If things change after booking I’ll contact you.

What You’ll See

This is a shortened version of the Old Town and Jewish Quarter tour in that you’ll see less of the Old Town part because we are stopping for various food and drink on the way round so it’s approximately 90 minutes walking and 1 hour eating and drinking. We start on the Old Town Square to see the Kinsky Palace, Jan Hus monument, Marian Column, ST Nicholas Church and then into the Jewish Quarter for our first beer in a Czech Pub. After that we continue in the Jewish Quarter to learn about and how best to explore the Pinkas Synagogue, Klausen Synagogue, Ceremonial Hall and Old Jewish Cemetery. Then a little bit of WW2 followed but some local architectural heritage, the Old/New Synagogue, Spanish Synagogue and the city monument to Franz Kafka. Then as we head back to the Old Town it’s time for your choice of Czech food classics like “Roast Pork with Sweet Cabbage and Dumplings”, “Beef Sirloin with Dumplings” and “Beef Goulash with Potato Pancakes” plus light grill options and don’t forget the final beer tasting of 6 different beers (light, dark and fruit). Interesting conversation and Q&A as we go. There are vegetarian options but it’s limited to the starter menu (fried cheese or salad) or the main course (pasta). For vegetarians I also recommend just asking for a side order of roasted vegetables.

Like the sound of it? Use the Calendar to Select Date, Select Time and the required tickets. Payment is by credit/debit card. The confirmation contains the meeting point details, photos, map and my contact details. You’ll receive a reminder email 48 hours before your tour but if you have any questions feel free to Contact Me.

Here are a few pictures and what to expect from the tour:

pub courtyard in prague
Since the tour was added I’ve only used a couple of places for the food and probably no more than 4 places for drinking. I settled on this place because it has the pleasant courtyard, down-to-earth menu and friendly staff.

jason drinking beer in prague
I’ve been known to join in with a beer in which case my wife drives. This was in an old bar called the Kolonial which unfortunately did not survive the Coronavirus period and is now a pizzeria.

couple sitting down drinking dark beer in prague
It’s a struggle when its a hot day and my clients are enjoying a cool dark beer while I’m playing with my car keys. Zero tolerance in Czech means no alcohol in your blood when driving.

two guys drinking flights of beer in prague
I have a rule. If only one person books the tour I still run it but I will also drink and eat as well. Again my wife drives.

flight of beer on a wooden table
Is it a rack, a line, a flight? Different countries have different names. In Czech it’s a Degustace i.e. a tasting of several beers. There’ll be a mixture of light, dark, 50-50, fruit, wheat and a guest beer to try.

roast pork with cabbage and dumplings
The food offer is classic Czech so if I’m eating at my favourite restaurant for Czech food then I’m having Moravsky Vrabec which is a pork meal served with dumplings and sweet cabbage. Great if you like vinegar in your gravy.

people sitting on a bench at a prague restaurant
In this picture bottom right on the table you can see a glass of red liquid. Again I’ve been tempted to drink the profits and it’s Boruvka or Blueberry beer (my summer beer, the rest of the year here I drink their dark beer called Merlin).

prague pork knuckle boneless on a plate with mustard and horseradish
Pork Knuckle or “Koleno” in Czech is not part of the tour menu as it’s the most expensive dish and takes the longest to prepare but if you are hungry enough and decide to try it then this is how it’s served i.e. about 400g of boneless pork with horseradish, mustard, pickles and a basket of bread.

two couples in a pub with graffiti on the wall
One of the pubs I use allows people to write on the walls and ceiling

group eating czech food at a prague restaurant
You don’t have to eat Czech food or even drink the beer. The menu offers options for lighter meals, soft drinks and wine so I can be flexible

group drinking beer in a restaurant beer garden in prague
You can see why I limit the group to 6 as it’s comfortable to sit at a long table outside in the garden

Czech Food and Beer Tasting

time to read: 3 min