Prague Private Tours

Prague Private Tours

group of tourists on prague old town square
An Extended Family on a Private Tour

Prague Private Tours – The Ultimate in Flexibility

A private tour is as flexible as it gets. People inquiring about Prague private tours will be considering the following:

  • One-to-one contact with the guide
  • Ability to adapt the route as required
  • Breaks as required
  • Slower walking pace required
  • Family unit or group larger than 6 people

Just Contact Me and we’ll work out a plan. Find some popular options below:

Option 1: Reserve. Make an existing scheduled tour private. You pick the date/time from the calendar and so long as nobody has booked tickets I’ll reserve it for you. Content as advertised. Duration depends on the tour but between 2 and 2.5 hours.

Option 2: Tour Plus. Here we would be looking at extending a tour i.e. you would do the Old Town and Jewish Quarter Tour and we add on the Castle. Or you do the Prague City Walking Tour and we add on Hradcany and Strahov. Basically you are extending within a given area to 4 or 5 hours.

Option 3: Tour-Lunch-Tour. The Old Town and Jewish Quarter Tour followed by a proper lunch and then the Prague City Walking Tour. That’s a total of 6 hours.

Option 4: Totally Tailored. You buy a block of time (maximum 7 hours per day) and you decide how you want to use it.

Meals: If a meal is planned during the tour then that is an extra cost although I will make suggestions based on your requirements.

A Straightforward Booking Process

First just Contact Me with an idea of what you would like to do and when. Plus any restrictions (difficulties or handicaps etc)
I’ll get back to you with availability, options and prices (I reply within 24 hours so please check your spam folder just in case my reply goes there).
If you know the date/time slot that you want but need a little thinking time then I’ll reserve that slot for 48 hours (no obligation).
If you decide to go ahead I’ll set up a “private tour slot” and send you a secure booking link. You’ll have options to pay by credit/debit card or in cash on-the-day and you’ll need to add some contact details. Let me know your phone number (including country code) so that I can contact you on the day etc.
After booking you’ll receive a confirmation email with the agreed meeting point details i.e. photo/map/address and my contact number.
We can then finalise the itinerary.
We take breaks as time allows. We do the tour at your pace and I make sure that you see everything that you want to see.

So just Contact Me and let’s make your Prague trip a memorable one.

Here are some pictures taken on various private tours and a few stories to go with them:

couple drinking on wenceslas square in prague
This is what I’d call a fairly normal private tour. I’ve met a couple at their hotel and we are walking to the start point of the tour. In this case the guy had mentioned shipping an old car back to the USA so as there was a classic car exhibition close to their hotel I thought they might like to see it so we included it on the tour, completely off the wall. Here we are later on Wenceslas Square in the sun for a drink. I think this was the tour that I first learned about “Pickleball”.

couple on prague old town square
Another couple, he was American, his wife German so primarily the trip was to Germany to visit her family. When they contacted me the request was basically “what can we see in a couple of days?”. So some work was required to agree a good route but also to allow time for other things that interested them. In this case I fit into their larger itinerary.

family on prague old town square
Extended families often book tours with me. Being in my 50s I can relate to the parents and keep it interesting for the teenagers. Usually there’s more than 6 and quite often as in this case had come from different countries.

This one was an organised escorted tour for a Greek travel agency run by a couple (he is far left, she is almost far right in black shorts). This is about the limit for the number of people on one of my tours. Actually two couples in this picture had already done another private tour with me before doing this one.

I’d been working with an Australian family to arrange their itinerary for the tours spread over two days. The first day was to be the introduction to the city, the second day was their personal interest in the Sculptor David Cerny so to see as much of his work as possible. This one is called “Brownnosing”.

lady sitting in a chair underneath a tree in prague
It’s not unusual for single travellers to book a Prague private tour especially women travelling solo. It’s primarily going to be for a flexible route and breaks as required. In this case it was perfect to stop at Havel’s Place where we could both sit down in the shade and have a chat about the area. This was a hot day so at the end of the tour I escorted her to a tram stop and gave her a single trip ticket so she only had four stops to her hotel instead of walking.

family in front of prague castle
These are what I call dedicated parents. You don’t have to put your life on hold while your kids grow up. The right kind of guide should be able to mix’n’match interesting things for both grown-ups and younger kids. It’s still a challenge but the private tour aspect keeps it loose with breaks as required.

group standing by the riverside with prague castle in the background
A different kind of friends reunited here. The guy and the girl on his left were a couple studying here and wanted to learn some history before they left. They liked it so much that when friends visited at the end of their term they hired me again. Not unusual for people to do multiple tours with me on the same visit or sometimes separated by a year or so.

selfie in a coffee cup
This one started out as being booked for a couple but only the guy met me in reception. Unfortunately his wife was unwell. So as we went around the city he was “snapchatting” to his wife what he was seeing. We reached a point in the tour where we stopped for a special cup of coffee (pictured with our faces). When his wife called to say she felt better but was not up for a long walk we adapted the route to get back to the hotel. So we finished all together with a walk across the Charles Bridge, through the Lesser Town via the Wallenstein Garden and back across the bridge to the hotel. Just another case of adapting to the client’s needs.

And finally, the lady in the red hat worked for AMA Waterways and had planned the trip for her and her husband. But the husband had injured his knee and was unable to travel so she came with a friend. After the tour we stopped for a classic Czech meal. She must have enjoyed it because the following year she came back again with her husband and we did the same tour over again, including the meal.