Prague Christmas Markets Walking Tour

Prague Christmas Markets Walking Tour

prague christmas markets wenceslas square market entry
Wenceslas Square

Prague Christmas Markets Basic Information

Explore the 3 most central Christmas Markets in Prague and get local advice on others to explore during your stay. Get the tips and tricks on how to enjoy the Christmas Markets, what to look out for and what to avoid.

  • 2.5 Hours Duration
  • Native English Presentation
  • Maximum 6 People
  • Street Food and Drink Included (optional)
  • Old Town Square, Republic Square and Wenceslas Square Markets
  • Tickets are CZK845 (adult) with a non-food/drink option (CZK500)
  • Runs only in December up to December 23rd
  • Tour begins on Wenceslas Square and ends on the Old Town Square

With a 3pm start we begin in the daylight and go off the beaten path into one of the passages on the square to see some modern art and a pleasant walled garden. When we come back onto Wenceslas Square it’ll be getting darker and I’ll show you what to expect from the markets including souvenirs, food/drink and learn how “pay-by-weight” works.

Then we’ll dive into Czech Christmas Traditions including:

  • ST Barbora and a Cherry Tree
  • Mikulas Night
  • Sending Cards
  • Making Christmas Sweets
  • Buying a Carp
  • The Christmas Tree
  • Christmas Day
  • Walnuts and Candles
  • Cutting Apples
  • Melting Lead
  • A Golden Pig
  • Writing on Doors

We’ll stay off the beaten path to get over to our next Christmas Market but not before you’ve had a chance to see one of Prague’s hidden artistic masterpieces.
At Republic Square we’ll stop for your choice of food and drink from the street stalls which is included in the price. The choice of food and drink is from any stall at Republic Square. Old Prague Ham (200g), Hot Dog, Bramborák, Langoše, Halušky (200g), potato twirls, corn-on-the-cob, toasted almonds etc. The drink choice will include hot or cold beverage, alcoholic or non-alcoholic, beer (0.5L), mulled wine (0.2L), cider (0.2L) or medovina (0.2L). I encourage people to mix’n’match to try different combinations.
Then we’ll explore parts of the Jewish Quarter before making our way onto the Old Town Square to learn about the Christmas Tree, see it in all it’s glory and arrive in time for the sound/light show if we time it right.

Like the sound of it? Use the Calendar to Select Date, Select Time and the required tickets. Payment by credit/debit card. The confirmation contains the meeting point details, photos, map and my contact details. You’ll receive a reminder email 48 hours before your tour but if you have any questions feel free to Contact Me.

Here are some pictures from the tour for what to expect:

view of wenceslas square in prague at night with christmas market
Wenceslas Square isn’t really a square, it’s a long boulevard and this is your view from the top of the square looking back down over the Old Town in the distance.

hotel meran in prague with christmas decoration
Many of the shops and businesses have their own Christmas decorations. I’ve always admired the Meran building and at this time of year it’s beautiful.

buying carp fish at christmas in prague
I’ll tell you about the Czech tradition of buying carp before Christmas. As you walk around the city often close to transport hubs you’ll find these vats of water stuffed with carp. If you don’t like blood and guts then don’t go too close.

During the tour I’ll make sure you fully understand how “pay by weight” works and your rights when dealing with food stalls in markets. This will ensure that you will enjoy the experience.

christmas in prague
These clients did one of my first Christmas market tours in December 2016 and we still keep in touch.

prague republic square christmas market at night
There are two markets at Republic Square, the older one and the newer one. This is the older one. I think it’s a bit more “Christmassy” and I prefer to drink here as it’s cheaper and has less queues.

prague republic square christmas market stall
We have a dessert here called “Livanec”. It’s mini-pancakes and in this case a stall was selling 10 with cream and sugar for CZK50. You could add extra toppings for another CZK30 like hot blueberry, hot cherry or milk chocolate etc The food on the tour doesn’t have to be meat. Some people like sweet stuff and a coffee.

You’ll see the sign for Hot Medovina on all the markets and it will be on any stall selling honey. That’s because it’s Honey Mead. It’s really sweet so have a cup of this ONLY if you have a sweet tooth.

st nicholas church old town with christmas market at night
The centre of the Old Town Square Christmas market has a raised viewing deck. This is the view from the deck back across to ST Nicholas Church.

prague old town square christmas tree and tyn church at night
This is the view from the deck looking back. At the end of the tour I’ll explain about the Christmas tree, how it is chosen and the process of getting it onto the square. We’ll enjoy the sound and light show and you might even recognise the music.

Old Prague Ham. The most popular food to eat on the tour along with Halusky (Gnocci). I’ll tell you the tips and tricks for dealing with these guys to get a quality piece of meat at a good price and the differences to watch out for between stalls. One of these hams is worth U$1000 (One Thousand)

Prague Christmas Markets Walking Tour

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