World War Two Prague

Duration: 2.5 Hours

Location: New Town, Old Town, Jewish Quarter

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On this tour you'll get an original and personal look at many of the characters and events that shaped life in World War Two Prague.

  • It's a chronological tour that increases your knowledge from the build up to WW2 through occupation to the Prague Uprising in May 1945.
  • Understand the characters central to WW2 in Prague both good and bad, their roles, their impact and their fate.
  • See Prague as it looked in 1945. Stand in the footsteps of history.
  • Small group tour limited to six people. Can be booked privately.

World War Two in Prague was not defined by huge land battles or aerial warfare. On this tour I take you on a walk through a largely chronological journey from 1938 to 1945. Actually we’ll start a bit earlier than that so you really understand how World War Two got started. We’ll cover the main characters, good and bad. Learn about the events both shocking and inspirational that shaped these characters, their roles, their impact and their fate.

The Tour includes:

  • The Politics of the Sudeten Germans
  • Nicholas Winton
  • Gestapo Headquarters
  • Wenceslas Square
  • Reinhard Heydrich “Butcher of Prague”
  • Karl Herman Frank
  • Operation Anthropoid and it’s aftermath
  • The Final Solution to the Jewish Question
  • The Jewish Community 1938-1945
  • The Museum of an Extinct Race
  • Prague Uprising
  • The Bombing of the City
  • The Old Town Square in 1945
  • Occupation and Battle line maps
  • Some shocking figures
  • Then and now pictures

It is well that war is so terrible.........

New Town

Includes a lesser known memorial, Gestapo Headquarters and Wenceslas Square

Jewish Quarter

The buildings look the same even now. But learn about the life of the Jewish residents between 1938 and 1945

Old Town

Reinhard Heydrich, the final solution, Karl Herman Frank and the Prague Uprising. Ending on the Old Town Square.

If you are taking public transport then both the tram and metro have connections for the Main Train Station known as "Hlavni Nadrazi".
If you are on foot then walk to the top of Wenceslas Square and turn left. This road is Washingtonova. Walk to the end of this road and go into the park. After 100 metres you'll be outside of the Main Train Station entry. You'll receive the full meeting point details in the confirmation email and you'll have my contact number if you need it.

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What do you need from me?

Just your enthusiasm and desire to learn about the city!!

Also, I’ll need some credit card details, an email address and a mobile phone number if possible. The email is so that you can receive the confirmation, meeting point details and tour reminders. The mobile phone number allows an “on-the-day” sms which contains the meeting point address etc and also allows me to contact you on the day if you have not made it to the meeting point on-time.

Do I get a Confirmation?

Yes, after booking you’ll receive an email from livingprague which will contain confirmation of the booked tour plus specific meeting point details including address, map, photos and directions. You’ll have my email address and phone number as well.

Where do we meet you?

After making a booking you will receive an email confirmation. This will contain the meeting point details specific to that tour including address, map and photos. We will be at the meeting point before the start time. If you have trouble finding the meeting point or expect to be late then you will have the local telephone number for the guide.

You will recognise the guide either by the photo sent in the confirmation email, reminder email or “LivingPragueTours” photo ID being worn by the guide.

What should I bring with me?

As well as your phone/camera, you should bring with you a bottle of water. In hot weather or if there is a chance of rain then a compact umbrella. When it’s really hot, we recommend an application of sunscreen on exposed parts of the body, cap/hat and a lightweight pair of sunglasses. In a Prague winter (Nov-Feb) consider thermal leggings or at least thermal socks/gloves and a hat which covers the ears.

Remember that if you do not have a data connection you may not be able to access email so consider printing the directions to the meeting point.

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"Jason is lively and brings humour , and excellent knowledge of the city and its hidden gems. He explains the hidden artifacts that you would walk by and miss easily. Since it was a small group tour, we were four people, it was easy to ask questions".

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