World War Two Prague

World War Two Prague Walking Tour

prague world war two stumble stones
Stumble Stones – You’ll learn all about them

World War Two Prague Basic Information

This is an original, personal and chronological look at many of the characters and events that shaped life in World War Two Prague.

  • 2 Hours Duration
  • Native English Presentation
  • Maximum 6 People
  • Historic Photos
  • Tickets are CZK495 (Child/Senior discount available)
  • Can be Taken Privately
  • Tour begins at the Main Train Station and ends on the Old Town Square

What You’ll See and Learn About

  • The Politics of the Sudeten Germans
  • Nicholas Winton
  • Gestapo Headquarters
  • Wenceslas Square
  • Reinhard Heydrich “Butcher of Prague”
  • Karl Herman Frank
  • Operation Anthropoid and it’s aftermath
  • The Final Solution to the Jewish Question
  • The Jewish Community 1938-1945
  • The Museum of an Extinct Race
  • Prague Uprising
  • The Bombing of the City
  • The Old Town Square in 1945
  • Occupation and Battle line maps
  • Some shocking figures
  • Then and now pictures

World War Two Prague was not defined by huge land battles or aerial warfare. I take you on a walk through a largely chronological journey from 1938 to 1945. Actually we’ll start a bit earlier than that so you really understand how World War Two got started. We’ll cover the main characters, good and bad. Learn about the events both shocking and inspirational that shaped these characters, their roles, their impact and their fate.

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Here are some pictures from the tour and for what to expect:

plaque showing people killed in the vicinity of the main railway station during the prague uprising in 1945
We start at the train station because in the story of the war this is chronologically the best place to start. For the rest of the tour you’ll be seeing various plaques. The plaque shows the birth dates but, the date of death is always the same 4-day period and you’ll learn why.

plaque on the former gestapo headquarters in prague during world war two
It’s a strange feeling when you find out the a building you’ve walked past thousands of times turns out to have been Gestapo Headquarters. Stories here about a film shoot and a red carpet.

plaque on the church of st cyril and st methodius in prague resslova street
I’ll tell you about Reinhard Heydrich, his assassination and the aftermath. It’s up to you if you want to go deeper.

plaque showing date of death October 24th 1942
After this tour you’ll be sensitised to plaques on the walls and you’ll be seeing similar dates. But not on this one. October 24th 1942 is a very specific date and you’ll learn why.

prague world war two jewish memorial
On this part of the tour I’ll give you some time to figure out what exactly you are looking at then I’ll tell you the story.

nicholas Winton monument at prague main train station
Here I’ll tell you the story of a man who saved many Jewish kids, what happened to him, what happened to them and an emotional reunion.