Tour Booking Process

Tour Booking Process

prague insurance company building lit at night
The Praha Insurance Company Building at night – Included in the Prague City Walking Tour

A Private Tour Booking

For a Private tour booking please just Contact Me and we’ll work out routes, duration and pricing as required. When you are ready to go ahead if you have chosen to pay in advance then you get a secure booking link and you’ll have 48 hours to confirm payment whereupon you receive the confirmation of agreed details. If you have chosen to pay cash on the day then you will receive the confirmation of agreed details and the tour cost in CZK and your own currency.

A Scheduled Tour Booking

Each tour has an associated calendar with options for dates and times. You will simply pick the tour that interests you and follow the 4-Step process below:

STEP ONE – Choosing a Tour and Date

Each tour page has it’s own calendar (pictured). You simply select the month/date that you are interested in doing that tour. A red box will indicate that this tour is currently fully booked for that day. A green box indicates that the tour is running and has available places. Select a date.

STEP TWO – Time Options

Your chosen date will now be a black circle and underneath it will show available start times. This stage of the calendar will also show you the ticket prices. If multiple start times are shown then anything red is already fully booked. Anything black has available places. If only one start time has available place it defaults to that time. Select the required time.

STEP THREE – Number of Tickets and Price Total

You are now prompted to select the required tickets (described in the on-screen text). Use the dropdown arrow to display available tickets. Maximum available is 6 but if others have already booked places then the available tickets will reduce accordingly (if the number of available places is less than you need then choose a different date/time or contact me for options). Once you have chosen your tickets this will show the final price (no added charges). At this point if you are a travel agent or you have a gift voucher code then you would enter that in the Promo code box and that will reduce the price accordingly. Otherwise just double check the final price and if you are happy then click next. Select number of tickets, Enter Promo if required, Check Price, Click Next.

STEP FOUR – Contact Details and Payment

Nearly done! At this point you know the price. On screen you will see the tour that you are booking, the date and time. All that is required now is a name and a valid contact email address which will be used to send the confirmation and the tour reminder. Payment is made via the Stripe secure payment gateway. Enter your card details and when you are ready click “Proceed to Pay”. You should now have a confirmation of what has been paid via stripe.

The Confirmation – IMPORTANT STUFF – Please Read

If the payment has completed then within a few seconds your browser will redirect to an on-screen tour confirmation page which looks like the above example but with a different reference number and tour info etc. You can download this in PDF format. Within a few minutes of booking completion (should be less than 5 minutes) you will receive a “no-reply” system email at the address that you entered in the booking process. It comes from me via Turitop (ticket system) and will be titled “Thanks for booking with LivingPragueTours”. This will contain the same information that you will have seen had you downloaded the PDF above i.e. confirmation, meeting point details, my contact email and my local contact number. Check it carefully to confirm that you have selected the right date/time/tour etc. The next thing you will get from me is a reminder 48 hours before the tour. I’ll be looking forward to showing you around.

Booking Tips

The whole process should not take more than 3 minutes but to avoid security authentication issues try and get yourself into a location with a hard-wired internet connection or at least a stable “secured” wifi location.

Possible Failure Issues

1) My cards are not being accepted!
Answer: Multiple things can cause this. Contact me for cash payment options.

2) I did not get an on-screen confirmation.
Answer A: Security timeout. The booking may be “hung” i.e. this can happen when using unsecured wifi or moving between cellular base station areas, the system will automatically release the booked places after 30 minutes. No Payment has been made so retry again or contact me and I will resolve any issues.
Answer B: Security timeout. The contact email must be valid. If the email does not exist then the booking will fail hence no confirmation and any booked places will release after 30 minutes. No Payment has been made so retry again or contact me and I will resolve any issues.
Answer C: Duration timeout. The system allows 15 minutes from the time of selecting tickets to completion of payment. If you go over 15 minutes then the system does not accept payment and releases the booked tickets after 30 minutes. Retry the booking or contact me.

3) I got the on-screen confirmation but no email.
Answer A: First check your spam/junk folder as this will probably be the first time you have received an email from my ticket system. Move the email to your inbox to be sure you will receive the reminder.
Answer B: A valid contact email was entered but it was blocked by your mail server (common with Hotmail) which means it will not be in your spam/junk. Contact me with a contact phone number and an alternate email if possible. I will edit the booking with the correct address and resend the confirmation.
Answer C: A valid contact email was entered but not the correct email i.e. somebody else received the confirmation. Contact me and I will check the booking detail. If the email was incorrect then I will edit the booking with the correct address and resend the confirmation.

And Finally

Hope that helps. Remember that if there is an email problem then when you contact me again you should let me know your telephone number (with country code). I will first try and find you on whatsapp to message. If not on whatsapp I will call if necessary.